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***Intellex Cancellations***

It is the customer's responsibility to notify Intellex with their intent to cancel service. Simply not using the service does not mean the service is cancelled. The customer will continue to be billed, even if the service is not being used, until the customer calls to cancel the service.

***Dialup Restrictions Change***

Effective March 1, 2012: Due to an increase in the cost of providing internet to our customers we have been forced to make changes in the amount of time that an individual will be allowed to be connected to the internet. The new limits on dial-up service shall be defined as no more than 100 hours of connection time per month. This can be defined as an average of 3 (three) hours a day, based on a 30 day calendar month usage report. Please time your connectivity for the ability to optimize your online usage. You can also check your usage here. Please review the User Agreement for more information. Thanks for choosing Intellex!

***Friday July 3rd, 2009***

Intellex will not be open on Friday July 3rd, 2009 for the 4th of July Holiday. Thanks for choosing Intellex!

***Automatic Bank Draft Form***

Intellex is no longer be accepting any Automatic Bank Draft payments or forms at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for choosing Intellex!

***Going Green***

Intellex has moved to Email Billing as of September of 2008. This will be a great move for everyone. If your Email Address is different than your Intellex username which would be username@intellex.com, please notify us of your Email Address so we can update it and send your Intellex Statement to your current Email Address. Thanks for choosing Intellex!

***Urgent Webmail Update***
Due to an immediate webmail migration your email account login has changed. Please click here for more information.

***Labor Day***

Intellex will be Closed on Monday September 1, 2008 in observance to Labor Day. Intellex Technical Support will also be closed. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

***E-Mail Billing Is Coming***
Intellex is moving to e-mail billing. This is going to be a great move for everyone. Expect to see your monthly and yearly Intellex Statements in your e-mail inbox starting in September. If you don't use your Intellex e-mail address or if your e-mail address is different from your dial-up user name, please click here to update your e-mail address.

***Happy 4th of July 08'***
Intellex will be close Friday for the 4th of July. We will reopen on Monday. Have a safe and fun weekend!

***Use Credit Card Auto Pay Today***
Do you call in or come by our office every month with your credit card to pay your Intellex monthly invoice? There is an easier way! Save yourself some time and money by setting up Credit Card Auto Pay Today. Call our office one more time and have us set you up with Credit Card Auto Pay. It's very easy, plus you save a $dollar$.

***Virus Protection***
Did you know that most computer viruses are spread by e-mail. That is why Intellex checks all e-mail that our customers send and receive for viruses.

***Intellex Support Forum***
The Intellex Support Forums provides an easy way to find answers to common Internet related problems. If your question is not already in the forum you can simply post your question in the related section.

***Pop-ups About To Make You Pop?***
The new Intellex Web Accelerator not only lets you surf the internet up to 5 times faster and allows you to check your e-mail faster but it also includes a pop-up blocker. Visit our downloads page to start enjoying the Intellex Web Accelerator.

***Did You Know?***
If you move, you can take your Intellex service with you. We have access numbers nationwide and a toll free support number. There is no need to cancel your service and loose your email address that everyone knows. If you have any question please contact us for more information.

***An Easier Way To Pay Your Bill***
Reduce your Intellex bill with Intellex EZPay. Your Intellex basic service is only $18.95 when you signup for the Intellex EZPay. To getting started is easy, simply print out and complete the Intellex EZPay form and mail it along with a voided check to Intellex and your done. Click here to download the Intellex EZPay Form or visit the user tools page.

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